“Dearborn has given me so much, it is the city I grew up in and the city that I launched my academic and professional career in, but most importantly, it is the city I call home. I am running for city council to be your voice, to listen, to put in the work, and to fight for Dearborn. I hope I can count on your vote.”

Meet Kamal

Kamal Alsawafy is the community leader that our city needs to recover from these unprecedented times. Kamal Alsawafy is running for City Council because Dearborn needs bold ideas, now more than ever. Raised in a working-class family, Kamal was taught early on to use his talents and education to serve others. 


I am a life-long Dearborn resident, advocate, and public servant. As a Lieutenant-Platoon Leader in the National Guard, I have served our country. As our Wayne County Business Development Manager, I have served our county. And now, with your support, I hope to use my years of private and public sector experience, to serve our city as your next Councilman.”



Kamal Alsawafy is a life-long Dearborn resident, community organizer, and public servant. Alsawafy graduated with a B.A. in Pre-Business Law and Supply Chain Management from the University of Michigan- Dearborn and a M.B.A. with a concentration in Global Supply Chain Management from Wayne State University. 


Kamal Alsawafy is currently a member of the Michigan Army National Guard, serving as Lieutenant- Platoonleader with the 837th Engineering Battalion out of Lansing, Michigan. Alsawafy also serves as the Business Development Manager for Wayne County, where he oversees the expansion and attraction of new businesses within the county.


Alsawafy has devoted his life to serving his country, county, and now, his city. “This campaign is about putting Dearborn first. This is our moment to build a better Dearborn that works for everyone.”


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